Wells Street Kitchen

Gold Award | Residential Kitchen $30,000 – $60,000

This beautiful little kitchen was designed around the client’s Norwegian heritage and the principles of Scandinavian design. We designed this kitchen to be simplistic, minimalist and functional with a few twists. The white inset cabinetry appears simple and elegant but hides the gorgeous walnut drawer box detail. The bold blue backsplash is full of color and minimalist yet holds the marks of being crafted by hand.

The white Cambria quartz countertops add a subtle texture to the white on white design while the accents of red draw the eye throughout the space. Many of the functional details of the kitchen are hidden like the two-tiered cutlery divider and the built-in microwave. Others are out on display like the custom bookshelf on the dining room side. Kitchens can be beautiful and functional in any size or shape.