What is Story Hill doing to protect against COVID-19?

As we navigate through these unprecedented times we are working diligently to keep up with the ever-changing mandates and establish our “new normal” while keeping the safety of our people and you and your families as our top priority. Every day brings new challenges and new opportunities, and we will continue to do our best to make any necessary changes and update you as swiftly as possible.

Are we working?

YES! — Our team members are still hard at work. Our sales / office / design staff is mostly working from home and is set up to do virtual in-home consultations & appointments. We can answer any questions you may have about remodeling in general and remodeling through a pandemic. We have used creative staggered scheduling in the field to ensure no more than (2) team members are on the job site at any given time. Our Project Manager is set up to do weekly client meetings virtually and our cloud-based project management system, Buildertrend, makes it easy for our clients to always be “plugged in” to their projects without physically being there.

Are we taking on new work?

YES! — We are equipped to take on new clients and are running virtual appointments and presentations. We work at whatever comfort level our clients may have during these uncertain times. Although we are all anxious to get back to “the way things were,” being quarantined at home for weeks on end may also have you realizing some areas of your home that just aren’t functioning as well as they could be and it is a great time to start thinking about a few remodeling projects of your own. Now is the time to start project planning. If you’d like to learn more about starting a project, fill out one of our contact forms here and we can start the conversation!

How is Story Hill Renovations protecting themselves & their clients on job sites?

The Story Hill team has compiled a list of protocols and procedures to be strictly followed on all Story Hill job sites for the foreseeable future. These protocols are more than just new procedures, they are our promise to our employees, clients, and community to do our part to flatten the curve and keep our society safe through the course of this pandemic.

Some of our Protocols are (but not limited to):

  1. All in-person meetings with clients will require that the client and Story Hill team members wear masks and maintain a safe distance from each other.
  2. The work area of a job site will need to be quarantined off from the rest of the house. We already do this currently, however, we are going to take things further with this protection (i.e. double-layered doorways, etc.)
  3. Story Hill production team members will be required to wear their face masks while in any unquarantined area of an occupied home or when more than one team member is on-site.
  4. There will be no more than two workers on any interior project at a given time (including Trade Partners). This could be case-specific, (i.e. a whole house remodel), in which case the homeowner will be notified and have final approval.
  5. Story Hill will be providing each production team member with hand sanitizer and jobsite disinfecting cleaners. Vigorous hand washing (for 20 seconds) and washing of work surfaces with soap is the most effective practice and should be done several times per day. We will also wipe all entry handles and touchable surfaces leading to the remodeled area at the start of each shift and when leaving each shift at the end of the day.
  6. We ask that you, the homeowner, will refrain from entering the work area while any member of the Story Hill team (or Trade Partners) is present.
  7. The Story Hill team is expected to limit any trips needed to pick up materials for your job. Materials will need to have an order placed and scheduled for job-site shipment and delivery.
  8. The Story Hill production team is expected to no longer share tools. On the occurrence that they do need to share or borrow a tool, the item needs to be disinfected before and after it is used.
  9. Story Hill will continue using our Build Clean air HEPA filters wherever possible on projects. (These filters have been used on our job sites for several years)
  10. Story Hill employees and their Trade Partners must also follow the following guidelines:
    1. If they, or anyone they live with is ill or has a fever they must stay home and not report to work.
    2. Employees must maintain social distance from every one of at least 6′ (10′ is preferred).

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay 6′ Apart.

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COVID-19 Protocols and Procedures

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