To publish to YouTube:

  1. In iMovie, open a project or select it in the Project Library, and then choose Share > YouTube. (It might be File > Share >YouTube)

  2. Choose your account in the Account pop-up menu, or click Add to add an existing account.

  3. If you don’t have an account, go to the YouTube website ( and create one first. YouTube uses Google accounts, so you can log in using the name and password of your Google account if you have one.

  4. Fill in the fields and make selections from pop-up menus:

    • Password:
      Your account password.
    • Category:
      A category under which the video will be categorized on YouTube.
    • Title:
      The name of your movie.
    • Description:
      Information about your movie for viewers to read (optional).
    • Tags:
      Keywords that viewers can use to search for and find your movie (optional).
  5. Select a size for your published movie from the table of options.

    The “Sizes to publish” table shows which sizes are compatible with YouTube, and the resolution of each size (how many pixels it contains).

    The mobile and medium sizes are easier to watch with slower Internet connections. The HD sizes take longer to upload and may take longer to watch, but they offer a higher-quality picture when viewed on the YouTube website.

    If you’re unable to select the larger sizes, the original project media isn’t large enough to render in those sizes. The size of the largest media used in the project determines the final movie sizes you can render.

    To allow your video to be viewable by anyone, deselect “Make this movie personal.” (You must do this to make it viewable on the website/social media.) By default, your video is viewable only by contacts you specify in your YouTube account on the YouTube website.

  6. Click Next.

  7. Click Publish.

    iMovie uploads your movie to YouTube, but it may take some time for your movie to appear there, depending on website traffic.

  8. To visit your movie’s webpage, click View in the dialog that appears.

    It’s also a good idea to write down the URL for your movie for future reference.

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