“When you start a construction project, the first thing people tell you is, “You have to watch everything. Be there every day. Check everything.” A construction project with Story Hill is the opposite. Relax. Don’t worry. They have everything under control. They treat your project as if it were for themselves. When we did point something out, almost always, they showed us where it was already on their to-do list.

We contacted Story Hill prior to purchasing our condo to remodel and expand a teeny little kitchen as soon as closing occurred.  While Tom was skeptical at first, he followed up, discovered we were serious, really listened to our requirements and helped us design a kitchen that would work within the constraints of the condo. Quickly we developed a trust for Story Hill and contracted additional work (flooring, painting, and garage storage).

Story Hill started within days of closing and stayed on the job every day until it was done. The team lead, Marcus, was working daily and other workers/subcontractors came and went, as needed. Having a consistent lead present every day helped us to develop the trust that the job was under control. You always knew that the job progressed every day and you always knew that someone was watching out for you.

As an example, going into the remodel, we knew that the support wall was going to “get in the way” of an optimal design. Mike at the Cabinet Outlet and Tom worked through the possibilities. We all thought we had it nailed until Story Hill opened up the walls and discovered that the supporting infrastructure that should have been present wasn’t. Instead of covering it up so that the end result would have looked perfect, Story Hill pointed it out, explained to us what the problem was, came up with an innovative solution that not only stabilized the condo as it should have been all along, but also worked into the kitchen design well.

In general, the guys at Story Hill and their sub contractor partners were great to work with — good people, fun, and patient with two people who were discovering their new home and finding way too many, “oh yeah, while you’re there, could you….?”.  The multitude of change orders we requested were batched, the quotes on the change orders reasonable and the process was not at all painful. The additional work was just appended on and completed without interruption.  Start to finish, the project was completed sooner that we expected.

And the end result?  Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. The quality of the work was outstanding. We are totally smitten. The down side?  Story Hill worked on every room in the condo but the bathrooms. Now it is apparent those bathrooms really could use a re-do….time for us to save our pennies and bring the guys back next year.”

– Carol, Wauwatosa –

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