“Possibly the best remodeling experience I’ve had!  I have a 1918 house, and I chose Story Hill because they understand and like old houses, because they have a very good web site, because they are NARI certified, and because they have terrific reviews on Angie’s List.

This was a bathroom on the 2nd floor that had first been created out of a closet in the 1960’s or 70’s, and was tired and dated. Foil wall paper, anyone?  The shower had ceased working, and was cramped and had plastic walls.  So Story Hill demolished it all down to the studs — lots of carrying stuff out the door.  They were so clean I didn’t even know they’d been there when I got home from work.

Tom had recommended several LOCAL vendors where I picked out all my fixtures, shower pan, and tile. This included a trip to Childcrest Tile — a bit off the beaten path — where I found some great tile for the shower walls, and the walls.  Story Hill was patient with me when I insisted on unglazed porcelain floor tile from Heritage Tile, and light fixtures from Schoolhouse Electric.

Tom ran the project.  He’s friendly, realistic, practical, and keeps the project moving and on schedule.  He also helped out with some of the work.  Marcus did all the work (except plumbing and electrical). He’s amazing — he can do everything from carpentry to sheetrock to tiling (floor and wall).   They do truly treat your house as if it was theirs — clean, neat.

They had good ideas, such as moving the shower head to the “high side” of the sloped ceiling, so I no longer have to hunch over in the shower.  They built a nice wall niche to hold shampoo and stuff in a space efficient way (very important in this tiny space), and they put a light in the shower.

The workmanship is of the highest quality, and everything was figured out very well.  In this tight space, there were challenges, and I was impressed with how smoothly everything came together.

I’ve been using my new bathroom for a few weeks now, and I just love, love, love it!  It looks like it belongs to the time period of the house, yet it has all the modern conveniences.  I feel like it will last another 90 years, because of the quality components and the workmanship.  Just what an old house deserves.

I feel like I haven’t said enough good things about Story Hill — they are just great to work with.  I’m trying to think up another project, because I’d hire them in a minute!”

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